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  • Shenzhen City friendship welding equipment Co., Ltd.1978 in Taiwan Samsung, specializing in the development of a variety of metal welding machinery design and manufacture of large-scale welding equipment manufacturers, introduction of Japan, Europe and the United States is the most advanced welding technology and production process, set a number of experienced welding and technical personnel, and accumulated 30 years of experience, self-designed, the main product is a little welder, butt welding machine, spot welding of precision DC AC spot welder, capacitor spot welder, storage welder, electronic pulse spot welder, Microcomputer precision spot welding, high frequency inverter spot welding, resistance welding machine, battery spot welding, thermal protector dedicated point welder, solid state capacitor spot welder, welding equipment, electronics, solid capacitors, thermal protection, relays, hardware, jewelry processing, automotive industry, plant a wide range of industries to improve production speed and product quality has great help in the three years of experience, and you would like to work together to solve a variety of welding problems.